We have been successfully doing what we do for years.

PEBCO AG is a consultant for strategy, markets, business processes and finances.

By examining future market and competitive situations, we scrutinize and optimize existing processes. Together with our clients, we design suitable structures for their processes in finance and administration as well as for the optimal interaction of all areas within the company.

Right from the start, we provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.

How can we help you?

As an entrepreneur, you know what it means to work diligently for the future of your company every day.
You are open-minded and self-confident enough to seek advice, you question things and want to derive the right conclusions for you and your company!
You would otherwise not be here on this page.

We at PEBCO know from many years of experience in the industry what it feels like!
We know how to manage change in strategy and cultural change in companies so that they are accepted and lived by employees. And we also know that a consultant does not necessarily have to know everything better, and in fact can’t know everything better!

We see ourselves in the role of the impulse generator, who accompanies you as the entrepreneur critically as a sparring partner.

Let us discuss – without any obligation – whether and how we can support you.

PEBCO utilizes decades of expertise from industrial companies as well as financiers in accompanying you as an investor with the management of your portfolio companies.

We know what it means to renew processes, to optimize refinancing structures, to run cost management programs, to adjust or to set up reporting and controlling tools.

We prefer to work with you as an investor with a long-term view, because then both sides can optimally align with each other. This increases the both the accuracy of the advice as well as the speed. And we both know: time is  money.

Test us and our performance for investors!

Who can better understand what it means to run and manage a company holistically, than the one who has already been responsible for it. That is our basic principle!

We know what we are talking about and have gained knowledge and expecience through practice.
We understand and know the topics, the environment, political and factual issues and therefore together with you find the best way to your goal.

PEBCO helps you and your company to find and implement holistic solutions. The goal is always to improve performance and optimize processes.

Sometimes this also requires unconventional ways and ideas.
Let’s talk about it! Confidentiality is guaranteed!

The dynamics of volatility, the increasing complexity and the resulting uncertainties or uncertainties confront companies with the challenge of realigning corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Against the backdrop of the negative effects of the financial market crisis on corporate financing, the question of the right or appropriate financing structure and liquidity protection, even in times of good returns, low interest rates and high liquidity, is increasingly coming to the fore.

What happens when the current parameters change?

As professionals in this field – we recommend today to align the company to the already changed market situation and to increase the standardization.

PEBCO knows the drivers and levers, we are able to optimize processes and structures together with you consistently and sustainably.

Let’s talk shop. We look forward to talking with you!

PEBCO is one of the very few consulting companies that has been able to get to know the banking side as well as the corporate side intensively and at a very high level for many years.

This is how the high competence and understanding of both segments developed. This knowledge accelerates processes and enhances mutual understanding. Often these are just the problems that can not be solved.

We understand the needs of you as a financier and can quickly and pragmatically work out a solution together with the company or its borrower based on our industry experience.

For the benefit of both parties and thus to stabilize the partnership with their customers!


Our partners

Close integration of management, process and organizational consulting, including commercial and technical implementation is an important success factor.

We offer our clients a full-spectrum consulting portfolio and work closely together with specialists from IT and technical areas. Thus, we ensure at all times that complex projects are executed in the best possible way.

This brings speed, reduces the project duration, increases the consistency of the processes and creates results. Time is money!

people build companies

What our clients say about us

PEBCO AG delivered process and operation support during the successful acquisition of a complex strategic target in Germany. PEBCO’s mandate comprised inter alia analysis of the target’s commercials (focus on cost structure) and coordination and integration of several other due diligence-areas in the process.  Furthermore, PEBCO supported us with comprehensive advice on identification of external German financing and structuring and negotiating of the purchase agreement.  PEBCO’s work was on point and result-oriented; it provided the necessary key analyses and insights that allowed us to make effective decisions.

We highly recommend PEBCO and its consultants.

Bjorn Zikarsky

Managing Director / CEO

„PEBCO hat uns geholfen über den Tellerrand zu schauen. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht und wir haben gemeinsam alle gesteckten Ziele mehr als erreicht. Kompetente Beratung muss so aussehen, auch wenn sie Ihren Preis hatte. Wir werden uns wieder für die Beratung durch die PEBCO AG entscheiden.“

Karsten Siebner

Geschäftsführer GmbH

Im Rahmen des Erwerbs durch einen neuen Investor hat uns die PEBCO AG eng begleitet, um das sehr enge Zeitfenster, die hohen geforderten Ziele und eine solide Übertragung zu gewährleisten. Die Management, Projekt -und Mittelstandserfahrung kombiniert mit der Industrie und M+A-Kompetenz, haben wir das sehr anspruchsvolle Vorhaben gemeinsam exzellent gemeistert. Wir können PEBCO und seine Mitarbeiter nur empfehlen.

Stefan Hofemeier

Geschäftsführer Warendorf Küchenfabrik GmbH (Warendorf - Die Küche)

„Im Rahmen der Neustrukturierung unserer Business Unit, hat die PEBCO AG uns geholfen, das richtige Setup für unseren Innendienst und den Vertriebsprozessen zu definieren. Dank einen hervorragenden Prozesskompetenz, langjähriger Industrieerfahrung und einem guten Gefühl für Menschen konnten wir zügig unsere Ziel erreichen.“

Marc Muller

Business Unit Director, TIB Chemicals AG

„Mit der PEBCO AG haben wir den richtigen Partner gefunden, um unsere Strategie zu hinterfragen und auf Umsetzbarkeit zu prüfen. Die Finanzkompetenz gekoppelt mit der exzellenten Erfahrung im Mittelstand hat uns sehr geholfen immer den richtigen Blick zu wahren. Das PEBCO Team ist kritisch konstruktiv – das brachte uns weiter.“

Sebastian Groesslhuber

Geschäftsführer Kinnarps GmbH

„Die Strategiekompetenz der PEBCO AG gekoppelt mit der Vertriebs -und Marketingerfahrung des Teams war eine gute Kombination. Man merkt die exzellente Erfahrung im Mittelstand insbesondere in der stetigen Umsetzungsorientierung.“

Jochen Mössinger

Bereichsleiter Technik und Immobilien Baden-Airpark GmbH

„Die PEBCO AG hat uns bei der Neudefinition unserer Strategie fachlich gecoached und begleitet. Der verfolgte Ansatz und die strukturierte Projektleitung sorgten nicht nur für einen schnellen und effizienten Prozessverlauf, sondern führten auch zu einem überzeugenden und zukunftsträchtigen Ergebnis.“

Thomas Kresser

Geschäftsführer Neue ALNO GmbH

„Wir suchten einen kompetenten Industriepartner um unsere Systeme und Prozesse insbesondere im kaufmännischen Bereich zu optimieren. Mit der PEBCO AG und Herrn Crucius haben wir genau diesen gefunden und eine tolle gewinnbringende Zusammenarbeit gestaltet. Operative Nähe und gezielte Umsetzungsmaßnahmen, besonders während der Einführung unseres neuen ERP-Systems, haben nicht nur das Management sondern insbesondere auch unsere Mitarbeiter in den Fachbereichen entscheidend unterstützt. Besten Dank – immer wieder gerne!“

Christoph Fughe

Geschäftsführer Störmer GmbH & Co. KG

„PEBCO AG supported us with the strategy development process in a portfolio company. Their approach comprising precise guidance and effective methods combined with first-class industry knowledge provided us with a solid strategy to build on. The adjust team provided key input and fresh ideas throughout the project phases while developing the strategy with an inclusive group of internal stakeholders, resulting in remarkably strong management buy-in. The result was a solid strategy for a proper repositioning of the company aiming to maximize the enterprise value.“

Jason Carley

Partner at Watling Street Advisors LLP

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Top Consultant

We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.

PEBCO Aktiengesellschaft

Am Hardtwald 6-8
76275 Ettlingen

+49 7243 200 420

Top Consultant

We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.

PEBCO Aktiengesellschaft

Am Hardtwald 6-8
76275 Ettlingen

+49 7243 200 420


PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

We provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.