People Build Companies

We see ourselves as much more than a management consultancy or a consulting service provider in the classical sense. We are your critical sparring partner and source of inspiration, who actively helps to shape the future of your company and makes an impact, in the form of professional change management – measurable and transparent at all times.

Our holistical approach and always critically-neutral view of your targets allow us to identify new opportunities and potentials in your company, help you overcome challenges and visualize successes. 

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“Not just talking about it and recommending it -
successful implementation and mediation is what consulting in the SME sector is all about.„

Ralf Jourdan, CEO PEBCO AG

About us

Management and Business Consulting – PEBCO AG | People Build Companies

PEBCO AG is a critical sparring partner with an objective view of the essentials.

We see ourselves as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, management and employees in order to make the company more efficient in the long term. We supplement classical methods of analysis with suitable individualized tools. Within the process, we identify, realize and implement key figures, optimized reporting and meaningful controlling tools, also geared towards your stakeholders outside the company such as banks and capital markets.

Our holistical approach and always critically-neutral view of your targets allow us to identify new opportunities and potentials in your company, help you overcome challenges and visualize successes.

Our biggest value lies in our many years of operational experience.

Our employees have several years of experience within industrial companies, trade and finance and have been responsible for growth models and restructuring scenarios. In addition they possess the knowledge that a good network often is a key factor to the success of an idea. This ensures the quality of our work – and thus the success of your company. 

Our broad network, which reaches into all areas of modern business and consists exclusively of professionals in their fields, allows us access to future-proof and forward-looking methods and processes for optimizing your business performance chain.

For PEBCO AG there are no problems, but rather only new challenges.

We accompany and solve – we realize and implement – we give impulses and push – as a reliable partner and professional management consultant. We support you all around your business planning respectively also in the transformation and organization of your company. The identification of new ways and possibilities is always in our focus.

Current topics such as Industry 4.0, the associated digitalization in industry, globalization, corporate succession and stability of financing are among our core competencies.

 PEBCO AG acts as a management consultant nationwide and far beyond the region of Karlsruhe and southern Germany.

 Numerous medium-sized companies in Germany and the D-A-C-H region already benefit from our expertise. Examples of our previouse customers can be found here.

Our task as consultants is to help companies and the executives responsible within them, to master their complex tasks, to stand by them in difficult times and to prepare them to compete in the markets, with the right impulse, at the right time and in the right place.

Get an idea of our competencies and our consulting fields on our website and contact us for a non-binding initial meeting.

Our consulting team is looking forward to meet you!

The Management

Ralf Jourdan


Ralf Jourdan, 1967

Ralf Jourdan has more than 15 years of experience in relevant management positions in large corporations and SMEs.

The result: a high level of experience and a clear understanding of business contexts. He uses his specialist and management expertise analytically and strategically to steer and manage management processes.

Over the years, he has become a valuable sparring partner for entrepreneurs and managers.

The competences at a glance:

    • > 10 years experience in change management and restructuring
    • > 10 years of experience in managing growth scenarios, including the management of sales units (including international structures) at Group level
    • > 6 years Member of the Executive Board and Divisional Board of Corporates of a major European banking group
    • > 5 years CEO of a family-owned company in the consumer goods industry, responsible support and implementation of various merger processes

Very experienced in managing change processes and strategy adjustments

Close network in different industries, u. a. Automotive, Finance, Private Equity, Furniture and Suppliers industries

Andreas Crucius


Andreas Crucius, 1965

Andreas Crucius has many years of experience in management positions in industry. He has held several management positions in the areas of controlling, finance and commercial administration – and this in corporate groups as well as in family businesses and individual companies in the SME sector.

Andreas Crucius has been advising companies on a freelance and project basis since 2010. He knows the diverse and extensive requirements of the customers. With his broad background, he acts fast, purposefully and precisely.

Andreas Crucius stands for the targeted solution: for the implementation of your goals and for a pragmatic suitable strategy for your company.

The competences at a glance:

    • > 15 years experience in the consumer goods industry
    • > 10 years experience in managing controlling and finance departments also at Group level
    • > Advisory for SMEs for 5 years: responsible support and implementation of various restructuring and cost management processes

Very experienced in the accompaniment of change processes

High competence in the adaptation and realignment of IT systems, reporting and controlling structures of a commercial and technical nature

Senior Partner

Heiko Then

Senior Partner - Financial Advisory

Heiko Then,  1965

Heiko Then has been in the financial world for more than 30 years.

Before joining PEBCO AG as a Senior Partner, he most recently managed a corporate clients establishment for one of Germany’s leading commercial banks.

Through his many years in the banking and finance world, Mr. Then knows how to plan, structure and achieve optimal corporate financing.

The competences at a glance:

    • > 30 years experience in financing and medium-sized companies
    • > 30 years of experience in analysis, structuring and optimization of corporate financings
    • > 25 years leadership experience

Very experienced in Corporate Fianance, Investement Banking, Company Analysis and Change Managment.

Broad network in medium-sized companies, banks and financial partners.

Carsten Fetzner

Senior Partner - Private Equity and M&A

Carsten Fetzner, 1973

Carsten Fetzner has more than 16 years of experience in private equity. Prior to that he was 10 years in the national as well as international corporate finance of a major German banking group.

Before joining PEBCO AG as Senior Partner, Mr. Fetzner was Investment Director of an independent, privately-owned private equity firm in Frankfurt, focused on special situations investment predominantly in the German-speaking region.

This provides him with extensive experience and expertise in private equity, restructuring, corporate finance and recapitalisation situations.

The competences at a glance:

    • > 16 years experience in private equity
    • > 25 years in corporate finance of predominantly German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, „German Mittelstand“)
    • > 15 years restructuring experience; responsible for complex change management processes, business development and strategic realignment
    • International network in banking and finance; closely connected to the German Mittelstand community
    • Extensive industry expertise with focus on manufacturing

Our promise

You want to improve? We accompany you!

We solve demanding business and organizational tasks for our customers. We advise you at eye level, loyal and goal-oriented. An independent, neutral view from the outside. Together we develop the path to success – and walk it with you, step by step. Fully oriented towards a sustainable, sustainable and adaptable solution and its implementation.

We are highly experienced

We have been successfully doing what we do for years. PEBCO AG combines management, process and IT consulting in one. And all this with the view of a medium-sized organization and a high level of specialist competence in practice. We know the high quality standards. We meet them with our reliable promise of quality.

We do not just show solutions - we realize!

We develop the strategy and the structure, steer transformation and implementation projects. We manage with you the implementation barriers from IT to deep into the organization. We guarantee experience transfer. That’s what we stand for as a group with our network of professionals!

Our vision and mission

Overcome growth hurdles

PEBCO AG sees itself as an enabler for SMEs to overcome growth hurdles. We deliberately act as a generalist and work across all segments of the company. The focus is on the structure, organization, financing and market environment of the company in combination with the client’s strategy. In doing so, we take into account both the overall context as well as important sub-areas such as compliance and risk issues, reporting and controlling systems and their structures. This is especially true in light of the steadily stricter growing regulations in the banking sector, which is becoming more and more important, especially for traditional SMEs.

Recognize and utilize changes

We know that the fast and adaptable will be the winners. PEBCO AG leads and manages the VUCA world together with its customers. VUCA stands in the economy for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world – in economic as well as political, social or technological sense. Companies that want to thrive in such a world need to adapt to all aspects of doing business. We adapt the management processes to these changes and help your employees to function effectively in the midst of these turbulences.

Top Consultant

We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.


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PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

We provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.