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Transparency, logic, efficiency – core factors of the company’s success.

A future-proof company has clear goals, planning, performance indicators and reporting.
We support you in all aspects. From setting your short-, medium- and long-term goals with sharp forecasts to defining appropriate and efficient KPIs that are made transparent in clear, concise and standardized reporting.

In this way, we support you in defining, securing and implementing economic and financial success. 

Good reporting should reduce complexity, promote understanding and interpretation of key figures, minimize redundancies all the way to
elimination and increase the quality of the corporate management system.

In reporting, quality is more important than quantity

Andreas Crucius, Founder and CEO

Our Approach

Against the background of the developing markets, it is necessary to build up the information basis for decisions on corporate management precisely.

We support you in addressing key success positions such as corporate planning processes including forecasting, working capital management, reporting and group reporting. 

Together with you, we revise control impulses, define KPIs and their control processes, optimize “Financial Data Management” and structure and consolidate the master data. 

Regardless of your individual goals and challenges, synchronizing and interlinking the processes is of the utmost importance.

Together, we develop a catalogue of measures to strengthen profitability and liquidity.

These success factors must be discussed in light of the following topics:

    • Assessment of the current earnings, assets and financing situation
    • Positioning in the market and competition
    • Strength and weakness analysis for the individual business units
    • Review of corporate strategy
    • Plausibility of the planning and the processed planning premises

Do you want to secure your long-term success?

We help you to secure your economic and financial success in the long term.

Focus areas

In the essence, companies have two options for increasing their profitability – through increased sales or sustainable cost management and cost optimization.

While the relevant increase in sales may take several years, cutting costs quickly and directly affects the company’s bottom line.

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A good data quality and thus quality of numbers is closely related to the master data structure and a high process discipline in the company. 

Fast-paced trends need to be incorporated in order to derive the right short-term measures and to assess the long-term effects.

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Ensuring sufficient liquidity is one of the most important processes in the company.

The areas of activity for increasing corporate liquidity are not limited to individual areas, but affect the entire company.

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All entrepreneurs and every decision-maker know objectively that an active corporate management is indispensable for business success.

  • But how is daily practice – are relevant factors appropriately taken into account?
  • Do we make our decisions based on clear, reliable information from our systems?

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The successful turnaround from an economic imbalance is one of the biggest challenges for a company, the entrepreneur and also the employees.

Whom does not act with all consequence, has quickly lost his chance.

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Especially in the current phase of the pandemic and transformation, the fundamental importance and importance of corporate financing and liquidity has become more than clear.
  • How stable is your financing when the company’s key figures are declining?
  • What is the significance of the financial measures on your rating?
  • Do you know how your financiers “tick”?
  • Do you know what requirements are placed on them by regulators or equity investors?

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Especially in the current low interest rate environment, a systematic working capital management is often forgotten.

Although the cost of money is low, access to liquidity is subject to new rules.

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Reporting is one of the most central control instruments in a group structure.

Group reporting must be clear, transparent, consistent and – above all – comprise all information and key figures important to the management. To achieve this, the following three factors are essential for us:

  • Achieving a high degree of automation in group consolidation including IC reconciliation
  • KPI definition consistent with corporate strategy and consolidated areas
  • Design of a clear and understandable group report

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For us, excellent value chain management means looking at the added value holistically in order to derive decisive potential for improvement and create sustainable added value.

On the basis of sustainable and effectively implementable strategies and concepts, we help to significantly expand their performance and competitiveness.
In addition, in accordance with our slogan “people build companies”, we accompany our customers in implementing these concepts.

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PEBCO AG stands in this context for the implementation of clear, logical and efficient processes.

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PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

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