Financial Advisory

Is your current financing structure also geared to the future?


What we do for you

Corporate financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. 
With our many years of expertise and extensive experience in the financial sector and private equity, we actively and successfully support our clients in matters of financing.

Many medium-sized entrepreneurs want holistic advice in the identification, orientation and optimization of their financing and their structures.

​Heiko Then, Senior Partner

Our services

    • Independent advice and support throughout the financing process
    • Analysis of existing financing structures and working capital on balance, stability and sustainability
    • Holistic optimization of your financing structure
    • Advice and co-implementation in your specific financing projects
    • Management of your financing process
    • Preparation & communication with banks / financial partners
    • Long-term support as a partner at your side

We are competent and experienced for many years
in all matters of financing and structuring the liabilities side.

Focus areas

Especially in the current phase of the pandemic and transformation, the fundamental importance and importance of corporate financing and liquidity has become more than clear.
  • How stable is your financing when the company’s key figures are declining?
  • What is the significance of the financial measures on your rating?
  • Do you know how your financiers “tick”?
  • Do you know what requirements are placed on them by regulators or equity investors?

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Is your current financing structure also geared to the future?
Optimisation of the financing structure opens up new strategic opportunities:

  • Does your financing structure also fit your strategic orientation?
  • Analysis of the existing balance sheet and financing structure
  • Identify risks, fields of action and optimization options
    We help you to define and implement a target financing structure tailored to your company and oriented for the future.

A trusting cooperation with your financiers forms the foundation and creates scope for your projects.
Our recommendation to you:

  • Building trust – transparency is crucial
  • Ongoing communication with your banks and financial partners
  • Qualitative internal preparation and consistency of the documents

Our added value for you

PEBCO AG stands in this context for the implementation of clear, logical and efficient processes.

Objective: To determine your position at any time!

In the first step we recommend a Quick-Check – after that we will continue!

Top Consultant

We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.


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PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

We provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.