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Facts reporting – KPIs control – the goal/strategy always in mind.

Facts reporting – KPIs control – the goal/strategy always in mind.

Good data, and with it the quality of figures, is closely related to the master data structure and a high level of process discipline in the company. Fast-moving trends must be incorporated in order to infer the proper short-term measures and assess the long-term effects.

The implementation of a reporting procedure that is also suitable for financing parties, among others, and the optimization of the communication with them is more than relevant in volatile times. Reports should not be created just for the sake of creating them. They must represent the actual situation, give a reliable perspective and show the agreed KPIs.

Challenges can be overcome:

  • Different groups of recipients, various individual reports, vast amounts of data and figures, among many other things, lead many companies to an overload of information.
  • Control is lost due to different interpretations and contents.
  • Textually and technically uncoordinated reports miss their original objective. Transparency and clarity are lost. Heterogeneous systems lead to heterogeneous data status.
  • Regardless of which level of management, and regardless of being internal or external recipients, the figures must be identical and inherently consistent. The reporting system must also comply with the requirement of being a control mechanism.
  • The external reporting system is linked to legal requirements and must comply with them. An internal reporting system is designed to reflect your business model and complement the external reporting system with additional information.
  • Quality comes before quantity.

Regardless of the system landscape, a sleek and meaningful reporting system which takes into account the recipient circles can be established.

We develop together with you a tailored reporting procedure as well as appropriate control processes based on your strategy, structure, KPIs and standards. Standardize your layout and improve the level of automation in reporting.

We implement this pragmatically and purposefully with you!

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