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IT –  organizational support element or core element?
IT is changing from a pure support function to a core business element. This is especially true in times of digitization and the many unused opportunities to generate information about customers, markets, etc., based on which you are able to plan and develop targeted approaches.
In order to do justice to this interconnectedness of operative business and IT and the growing complexity of companies, not only the company as a whole has to strategically plan and act, but also the IT must be considered as a strategic factor.

A large number of deficits in corporate management is often based on a poor handling of master data.

Andreas Crucius, Founder and CEO

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The main tasks in IT management are the provision of IT systems (hardware, software and support) for the adequate support of production processes, marketing and sales processes, controlling, purchasing, customer billing, corporate management etc.

PEBCO AG advises the decision makers in the departments with regard to all IT-relevant questions, be it global or local, in-house or outsourcing.

IT is one of the most complex units in a company. A mere consideration of the costs says nothing about the economic efficiency.

Although the increasing automation of business processes drives IT costs, it can certainly make sense for the company. A well-developed IT extends over almost all corporate processes. Also, the IT is subject to permanent adjustments and must manage developments or projects as well as ensuring the daily operations.

PEBCO AG accompanies you as a sparring partner in this complex field and helps you find the right structure and partner.

IT is one of the most complex units of a company. A mere consideration of the costs initially says nothing about economic efficiency.
We also accompany you in this complex subject area!

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PEBCO AG has many years of practical industrial experience, deep project experience, and finds the right solutions together with decision-makers and employees.

Support during the implementation and the learning period of the employees is essential for us

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We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.


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PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

We provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.