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A good business strategy begins with the decision for the right sparring partner.
PEBCO AG accompanies its clients in the strategic reorientation of the company or even individual business segments, in order to adapt them to changing market conditions and thus secure a sustainably profitable growth course.

We look at their business model across all customer and market segments – from idea to action. 

We offer you an individual and competent support in the elaboration of your strategic orientation as well as developing a detailed conception while accompanying you during the implementation.

Globalization, the Internet of Things and digitization will change the world more and faster than we can anticipate. New perspectives bring opportunities, fresh and innovative business ideas will emerge. Whole industries are being uprooted. The basic principle of the business model does not change, but the perspective from which business models need to be considered changes

Ralf Jourdan, Founder and  CEO

Our approach

At the same time, the importance of the corporate strategy is increasing under ever-increasing market conditions and the speed of change. Globalization and digitalization disrupt existing structures, markets, customer needs and technologies. Only companies that deal with the strategy, the corporate goals and the ways of achieving goals will have lasting success.

The strategy is the way to sustainable corporate success.

Only one single factor – the strategy – is not enough for the sustainable success of the company. On the contrary, success is determined by the harmonious coordination of the individual factors with each other and with the requirements of the environment.

  • Which key variables influence future development?
  • What sources of relevant information about the key variables are known?
  • What data/techniques can we use to predict the planned development of these key variables?
  • How can forecasts be incorporated into the strategic planning process?

The answers to these questions, as well as the individual significance of each point, can vary greatly depending on the strategic approach and the industry. Please contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation.

PEBCO AG – Strategie & Business Model

Lernen Sie unsere Leistungen rund um Strategie und Business Model kennen.

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Gradual evolution or revolutionary change?

We focus on your strategic business goals and your current competitive position.

In the development of your strategy or project goals, we support you in the selection of the appropriate basic approaches.

As a critical sparring partner we supplement your work with valuable perspectives from the outside. We advise, accompany and support you in the development and planning of content-related goals, and in the orientation of your service or your products.

We make sure that the individual character of your company – with its own qualities and resources – is maintained and elaborated.

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We advise and accompany.

Individually and flexibly tailored to you, structured and efficient!

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We have been distinguished several times as a top consultant and are therefore among the best SME-consultants in Germany.


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PEBCO AG is a management consultancy for strategy, markets, business processes and finances located in Ettlingen (Karlsruhe) in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

We provide our clients with reliable assistance in all matters relating to strategic, market, business and financial orientation.